Survey intake form

Survey Questions

Please watch the video below and answer the following questions with all household members who are 18-years-old or older.

  • Enter the email address you've used to communicate with A Family For ME Maine.
  • The licensing process typically takes:
  • When fostering a child with connections to their birth families, it is important for you to:
  • T/F Foster parenting is a parenting partnership with DHHS and the child’s team.
  • T/F All children in care are happy to be leaving their previous living situations.
  • T/F As a foster parent, it is okay to spank your biological children and grandchildren, but not children in foster care.
  • T/F After answering these questions, the next step in becoming licensed is to complete the application.
  • In order to qualify as a treatment or therapeutic foster home one of the applicants must:
  • T/F Before you send your application in, you must collect all of your documentation (birth certificate(s), marriage certificate(s), etc.).
  • The Resource Family Introductory Training includes:
  • Once licensed, there are a number of supports available to you.